Our first film project tells the story of a broom that loves what it does, but is unable to compete with the advancements in technology.

This project was the very first month-long project for Broom Cupboard Studios. It was based off a short story the studio members conceived in an 8 hr jam, half a year prior. Our project lead and studio director, Ben Schiffler, tasked us with finishing the story and turning into a rendered short.

Ben Schiffler - Project Lead
Xing Guo - BG Painter, Story Artist
Theodore Chin - 2D Animator
Erin Caswell - 3D Modeler
Amanda Cook - Shading Artist
Amanda Nelson - 3D Animator
Mikey Wong - 3D Animator

Additional Help
Tiffany A Whiteley - Rigging
Jonathan Luu - Music