Post #31:\erinthoughts

Erin here. Throwin’ it back with Broom Cupboard thoughts.

First of all, the year has gone by so fast I feel like I have amnesia. This experience has been and probably will always be one of the coolest things I’ve ever done with my free time. Who’d have thought making projects with your friends would be more fun than sitting on the couch and re-watching The Office for the trillionth time? Me. I would’ve thought that. And I still currently do.

It’s hard to quantify everything that’s come out of this year, but I’d say the most important thing I’ve taken away from it is that when talented creative people come together to make projects in a healthy and respectful collaborative environment, cool shit happens. People learn new skills and develop new interests and are constantly building off of one another’s talents, and that’s one of the most valuable things that can happen for an artist and I feel super grateful for that.

Thinking back on our projects, I think WAFA was the most impactful for me because I can honestly say that I may not have gotten my job at Minecraft without my work from the game in my portfolio. Like, how fucking cool is that. THANKS XING FOR LEADING THAT PROJECT. And that’s the last time you’ll ever hear me thank Xing for something. I also had an awesome time being a Producer on our Feathers and Teeth project and learned a lot from it, and seeing our work displayed on a stage with live performers and an audience was amazing.

I’d like to thank the team for being just generally awesome people who bring their creative minds 100% into everything they do. But I’d also like to thank them each individually.

Ben: Thanks for creating this whole damn thing. And for the endless La Croix.

Xing: Nope.

Zori: Thanks for the corgi gifs and the late night music work sessions.

Nelson: Thanks for being a sister in sass and a character design master.

Theo: Thanks for the #theothoughts and the dope 2D animation skillz.

Mickey: Thanks for all the yelling and for not killing me after working with my rig.

PS: Thanks Xing you’re great.

There are a kabillion other things I could say about these people but it’s been a complete privilege to spend 10 hours a week working with them and I’m going to miss it a lot. LOVE YOU GUYS.


Erin out.