Post #11 - The Project Selection Process and WAFA Updates

Hi all - Nelson here. Have you ever wondered how we choose our projects? If you have, great! I'm about to break it down for you. If you haven't, don't worry. I'll get to our WAFA updates shortly...

Once upon a time, a wonderful individual named Ben dreamed of a studio where everyone involved had equal say on the projects they worked on. In his infinite wisdom, he decided on a system that inspires each team member to not only be creative, but to also feel included in the decision making process. Thus, our procedure was born...

When the time comes for our studio to decide on a new project (dictated by a schedule created at the beginning of the year) each member must dream of a concept. It can be anything they want - a game, animation, comic, something 2d, 3d, or VR... the only restrictions are that it has to be somewhat economically viable, be able to be done within our time constraints, and play to every member's strengths. You can imagine that with this many talented people, some super excellent ideas are born. 

Once we have our ideas dreamed up, we all convene for a pitch meeting. In this meeting, each member of the team has to get up and pitch their idea, sometimes using visual aids or references to really drive their ideas home.

As soon as everyone has given their spiel, it's time to vote! We all get 6 points to use - 3 points to our top pick, 2 to our second, and 1 to our third. This is all done anonymously by writing them down and passing the sheets of paper to our head honcho Ben, where he tallies them up and tells us our next project! 

It's all very exciting and glamorous. The person who pitched the project then becomes our project lead, decides on our production schedule, and assigns lead positions for the different factions of the project. 

-sigh- I know what you're thinking, it can't be easy to decide amongst so many fantastic ideas that are pitched at these meetings and goodness, are you right! But, not everything in life is easy and sometimes hard choices have to be made. 

Speaking of fantastic ideas, let's talk about our We Are Fantastic Architects progress!!

This week some cool stuff happened - Take a look!

Here's some stuff from the art team...


Theo tested out some glitch effects which look pretty darn cool..


Xing did some dialogue UI...

and that's about all I got for today! Check back with us to get more updates! We're having a lot of fun with this project and it's going to be really great once it's done!

Nelson out-