Post #9 The WereGlitch Project


For our 3-month project, we're making an pixel art rpg set in a fantasy western using Unity. Based on a cartoon series pitch Ben and I did, "We Are Fantastic Architects and the WereGlitch Project follows a group of four talented architects building a castle in the sky for a mysterious witch. You play as Melody, the youngest of the architects who is documenting the project. However, as she learns more about the project, Melody begins to learn that the witch is not what she seems, and that this project may go on for longer than she anticipated…"



Drawing inspiration from games such as Earthbound or Undertale, WGP (WereGlitch Project) would be a primarily a story driven rpg with mini games and puzzles. However the main game mechanic was inspired by Melody's handiness with a camcorder. At the start of each day, Melody logs onto her computer and in a program similar to Windows Movie Maker or Premiere, she arranges video clips to create a story. That sequence of clips foretells the events of that day and tells the player what their task is for that day. Basically players need to solve this puzzle in order to be given a quest.


Pixel Art Style Explorations

Photo Jul 11, 6 22 40 PM.png

HUD and layout


Story Meeting