Post #7 - E G G T O A S T

E G G T O A S T was Broom Cupboard's second, month long project which was pitched and led by myself. The theme was hotpot, a communal Chinese cooking method. Everyone picked a different hot pot ingredient and created at least at least 2-4 seconds of polished, rendered animation, set to the first 15 seconds of this video for timing purposes.

I wanted everyone person to have agency and control over the style and content of their shot. Taking inspiration from Nihonbashi Koukashita R Keikaku, the highly individualized shots would be reminiscent of scrolling through a social media timeline like Tumblr or Instagram; rather than determine a style to stay consistent to, each shot would reflect the animator's personality and style. 


Because for various reasons, almost every single team member was traveling for a part of the month, I intentionally designed Project 2 to be accomplished individually. Even though our team members originally come from a 3D animation pipeline, figuring out that pipeline ourselves was a challenge while were working on Project 1. The theme of our project would be consistent across shots but as everyone was responsible for their own shot from beginning to end, no one would be holding back anyone else. 

During the month, I also required that everyone go out for hotpot (a member of Broom Cupbord had never had it!). We had a fantastic dinner with our friend Dave who was visiting from Copenhagen. Incidentally, the day we had hotpot was also my birthday.