Post #2: Project 1 Begins

Xing here. Working off of a film jam we did in September 2017, Broom Cupboard's first month project was to finish the Broom vs Roomba story idea and form it into a watchable piece. Unfortunately despite our range in specialties our team is lacking in parts of the pipeline (Rigging & Audio) and so those sets of challenges will be interesting to tackle as we dive into this project.


1/2 painted background

1 broom and roomba gray model

1 minute storyboard



We overhauled all of our old models, pushed them in a more cartoony fun direction, and started to also make assets for our social media platforms.


From my notes, Erin fattened the roomba and changed it to a more friendly, round version and scruffed up the broom model. 



Theo, Amanda, and I created a logo and are trying for a witchy, autumn, coat of arms



Zori did some shading tests on the old broom model to fit it with the chunky, painterly backgrounds I did back in September


I worked with Ben on simplifying the old storyboards to have a much simpler arc and thought about how to reduce the amount of work for animators down the line without sacrificing the armature of the story.

New Beats:

  1. Broom is happily sweeping in the interior.

  2. Broom then sweeps a trail of dust, etc outside.

  3. Broom is outside sweeping, is cut-off mid sweep by a noise inside.

  4. Roomba enters the scene. Broom peeks inside and watches the roomba, doing the brooms job.

  5. Broom tries to sweep away the Roomba, absolutely ineffective. Roomba pushes broom outside

  6. Broom is dejected, and throws itself in the garbage, like the garbage that it is.

  7. Hear the noise back behind it. Perks up. Roomba caught on the lip of the door, unable to sweep outside.

  8. Broom helps up the roomba, and bumps . Pause, and a moment of understanding.

  9. Broom does a little sweep outside; roomba does a little sweep inside.

  10. Broom is happily sweeping outside, it is an outside broom now. Roomba happily sweeping inside.

From my revised boards, Mikey created a reel to pin down the timing