Post #19 - Two Simultaneous Projects Wrap-Up!

Heyoooooo it’s Erin here, checking in with our progress on WAFA and Ye Xu! Both projects are starting to wrap up in the next couple weeks, so the team is in that last grind before a hard deadline. Real fun stuff!


Since we adjusted scope on WAFA down from 7 days of playable game to 3, Ben and Theo have really been carrying the team on WAFA, getting the dialogue and story written, and put into Unity.

We’ve also been working with our awesome sound artist. Michael Vallejo, on some super cool music for the game! We’re loving how it’s coming along.

Xing, our project lead for WAFA, summed up our experiences over the last few months!

Ye Xu

While Ben and Theo are busting their butts in architect land, the rest of the team has been working on Ye Xu, the music video project directed by our friend Brian Park!

There’s been a lot of great look dev work going on, developing assets and backgrounds for the film. Check out some of this awesome stuff coming out of the art team:




Nelson, our project lead for Ye Xu, summed up our experiences over the last few months!

We’re all super duper excited to see how these projects wrap up! Sweepy Holidays from Broom Cupboard Studios!